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Are you looking for SSL Certificate ? Is lack of digital security on your website a concern for you?

Actually, in today's scenario of growing cyber crime rate, it has become all the more necessary to install robust SSL Certificates so that your website visitors can securely access your website through a URL in the form of: https://www.yourdomain.com/

Every SSL Certificate comes with a dedicated IP address for your website.

Rapid SSL Certificates
The GeoTrust brand, has the second largest user base in the Internet security industry after VeriSign. This brand has been characterized as a source for convenient, fast certificate issuance and very competitive prices.
USD 50 (1 Year)
USD 125 (5 years)
Thawte® SSL123 Certificates have the fastest issuance time to quickly enable encrypted connections to your web server. This domain-only validation SSL Certificate provides up to 256-bit encryption for intranets, mail servers, and other web-based applications that are not at risk for phishing or fraud. SSL123 Certificates include domain authentication, the Thawte® Trusted Site Seal, free reissues, and a 30-day money back guarantee. USD 100/Year

In case your website processes sensitive or personal information like your customer contact details, banking info etc, it becomes necessary to go for SSL or Digital certificates from a trusted source. Also if your are looking on for an additional layer of security to keep off hackers, you can order SSL certificates from us.

YRHost provides a host of SSL Certificates for your domain name ranging from Thawte, GeoTrust for website activity to be encrypted so that nobody can 'listen in' to data transferred to and from your website.

With an SSL certificate installed from a trusted source like Thawte SSL or GeoTrust SSL, you can access your site over https - and the user's browser displays a padlock icon to indicate that the data cannot be intercepted. Running over SSL does make your website a little slower though, as the data has to be encrypted and decrypted at each end.

YRHost has partnered with thawte and GeoTrust to bring you an exciting range of SSL Certificates to select for your personal website, ecommerce portal or servers.

We are committed to provide you with low-cost SSL hosting due to its strong partnerships. Even If you have a hosting account with some other company, you can easily buy an SSL certificate from us.

To order an SSL certificate for your preferred domain, raise a sales ticket at our helpdesk.

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